The Best way to keep your pool cool in the summertime

The Best way to keep your pool cool in the summertime

Date: January 24, 2020 By: blogger7

The best thing about owning a swimming pool is that when the temperatures begin to start rising outside, you can jump in and cool off. That refreshing swim is the perfect way to beat the heat… but what happens when the outside temperature starts to heat up your pool water?

Well, aside from the obvious fact it will not be anywhere near as refreshing when you jump in, too hot pool water is a nightmare for maintenance. Heat is breeding ground for bacteria and algae; meaning you will be spending more time cleaning your pool than enjoying it.

So how do you keep it cool? Well one of the most popular ways is to use a pool chiller. These devices help to remove the excess heat from the pool and are available to purchase either as a standalone unit or as a heat pump which doubles up for use to warm the pool in the winter.

A chiller is primarily used to cool the pool down, but it can also help to make your swimming pool chemicals more efficient; the hotter the pool gets the less effective chemicals such as chlorine are. Equally it helps to reduce the algae growing on the top of your pool and reduce the amount of water lost through evaporation.

Not sure a chiller is right for you? Other tips to help keep your pool cool in rising temperatures is to first keep the water moving; waterfalls, mountains and generally splashing around helps to release heat trapped in the water. Maximise the airflow by removing any pool covers and trimming back any overhanging trees and branches; the flow of air over the pool helps to keep the water at a pleasant temperature.