Top five pool cleaning myths

Top five pool cleaning myths

Date: June 18, 2020 By: blogger7

Every pool owner knows that to keep a swimming pool in the best condition, it needs to be regularly cleaned and serviced. However, while that is a definite fact, there are also several myths that circulate, so we thought we would debunk the five most common…

  • It’s expensive!

One of the most common excuses as to why someone has not got their pool serviced is because they thought it was an expensive process. The truth, however, is that an annual service every year might seem like an expense, but in the long run, it will save you money and prevent you from having to pay out for costly repair.

  • You need to drain a pool to clean it

This might be the case if you have a severe mold problem or you need to complete repairs, but for most pool owners regular maintenance and in-service cleaning will prevent any significant cleaning jobs

  • You can add chemicals any time of the day

Many people believe you can add the needed chemicals whenever you want. However, for the most effective results, you should add them after sunset.

  • You don’t really need special chemicals to treat it

To try and save money, some pool owners believe using standard household cleaners will be sufficient; however, this is not the case, and they can significantly upset the balance of the water.

  • Saltwater pools don’t need attention

Well, no one cleans the sea, right? This is another common misconception, but the truth is that ever saltwater swimming pools need regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them safe to use and in the best possible condition all year.