Can rain affect your pool?

Can rain affect your pool?

Date: December 17, 2019 By: blogger7

There is no avoiding the rain, it happens all year round and whilst a pool cover might able to protect your swimming pool, it is not a complete solution. So what should you do to protect your pool after a heavy rain shower?

Rain water is known to have acidic properties, which can truly mess up the chemical balance in your swimming pool and change the pH balance in the water. Whilst you should be worried about the water from the rain, many people forget to protect against the water that then runs into the pool from your decking – which often brings debris and different materials into the water with it.

If your pool has been exposed to a heavy rain shower the first thing you should do is to check the water level as chances are it will be significantly above where it should be. If that’s the case, carefully drain the pool to bring it back to the correct level.

Once that’s done, turn on your filter and get the water running through the system. With the pump running, shock your pool as the chlorine levels will be reduced from the rain water – you can then begin to adjust your chemicals to bring it back to a normal level.

Heavy rain often brings debris with it so clean the surface by skimming out any floating items such as twigs and leaves. If you have one, you should also use your pool vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool too. With all that done, then give your pool one final test to ensure it is at the correct levels and then it’s time to jump in and enjoy it again!