Maintain your pool in the best possible way

Maintain your pool in the best possible way

Date: July 28, 2019 By: Darren

Swimming pools are a breath of fresh air, literally! A pool adds to the beauty of your house and enhances its appeal. If you look at it from a health point of view, swimming is right there at the top, amongst healthy activities. The beauty a pool adds to your house is simply awe-inspiring but you need to make sure it is kept clean and running even when you are not using it.

Pool maintenance

Pool maintenance is a year round job. If you have an outdoor pool, your usage might be comparatively less than having an indoor pool, especially during winter. If you have a heating system in place for your pool, you might as well use it all year round. Let’s find out how you can make sure that your pool is well maintained at all times.

Using the right chemicals

If you are using chemicals to clean your pool but you don’t know what quality to use and which chemical to use, you might as well drop the idea. The amount of chlorine and the pH balance will be the most important factors for you to ensure that your pool is chemically safe. It is recommended to keep a check on this balance every week, if not sooner.

Pool Filter cleaning

For a smooth cleaning process, you need to check your pool filter regularly. You pool filter is responsible for removing the normal dirt and debris as they come by. If some dirt gets stuck in your pool filter, it might not function properly and you might find your pool to be dirtier than it usually is. Checking your pool filter regularly helps reduce your work on a daily basis.

Your pool needs to be Debris free

Your pool filter does remove a fair bit of debris from your pool but there’s still some that’s left unattended. To make your pool is completely free of debris, you would need the services of a long-handled net. Now, gently skim the top layer of water to gather any particles that might be floating on top. The trick is to not be too hard or fast. Simply give it a light and slow tough. This will make sure that you don’t create vibrations in the water and the debris does not scatter around. If you are using the pool regularly, it would be ideal to clean the pool for debris on a daily basis.

Vacuuming the pool

Special vacuums are designed to take care of your pool. Investing in an aquatic vacuum is highly recommended if you wish to clean the depths of your pool. This vacuum comes with a long handle that you can use to clean the floor of your pool and reach the corners with ease.

Periodic maintenance of your pool is a must.

If you don’t clean your pool for a long time, it could get affected by fungus, bugs, dirt or debris. To avoid such horrors, you need to keep your pool free from harmful bacteria through proper maintenance.