Automated Systems Make Pool Ownership A Breeze

Automated Systems Make Pool Ownership A Breeze

Date: January 4, 2018 By: Darren Tags: / /

Whether you are currently building a new pool, or you are simply remodeling your existing pool, now is the perfect time to consider upgrading to new automated systems if you haven’t done so yet.

The toughest part of pool ownership has traditionally been  performing the required maintenance. Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks need to be performed on a strict schedule if you intend to keep your pool in optimal condition. Many pool owners even opt to hire a pool maintenance company to care for their pool to avoid the heavy investment of time that’s required. This is a great solution (who better to care for your pool than the professionals with a vast knowledge and history with many systems and situations?) but if this isn’t your style, or you’d like to be more hands on but would rather spend more time enjoying your pool than caring for it, perhaps you should consider automation options.

In the last few years, pool automation has seen many new innovations and upgrades, and today, much of your maintenance can even be performed and monitored through your smartphone, computer, tablet, and even some voice operated devices. From simple automated systems that will run on a timer according to your specific needs, to more high tech solutions that can even allow you to check the water temperature without ever needing to step outside, solutions exist for every type of owner. Depending on your budget, comfort level with software, and desire to minimize the maintenance, you can automate just one or many aspects.

Some examples of what can be automated include:

  • Pumps, Filters, and Cleaners
  • Water Chemistry and Levels
  • Pool and Spa Temperature
  • Pool and Landscape Lighting (power and/or  color)
  • Water Falls, Fountains, and Other Water Features
  • UV Systems
  • Laminar Jets
  • Pool Covers

Automation won’t just save you time – it can also save you money. In many cases, the systems will pay for themselves over time in savings on your electric bill. In addition to setting a schedule for many tasks, automation allows you to run cycles during off-peak electric hours, or run shorter cycles more frequently rather than a single long cycle. Certain options such as heating,  lighting, and water features can be controlled remotely, keeping you from running them unnecessarily.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the effort of maintaining your pool, you just want to incorporate some great new technological advances during your renovation, or you are building a new pool and want the best right from the start, automation is a great place to begin building the effortlessly perfect pool of your dreams.