Is It Time For A Pool Renovation?

Is It Time For A Pool Renovation?

Date: October 9, 2018 By: Darren Tags: / /

Like any other feature in your home, your pool can suffer wear and tear over time. When should you begin to think about renovation?

Remodeling your pool can not only improve the aesthetics, making your pool a more enjoyable place to spend your free time, but if it’s been a while since your pool was installed or last renovated, there are likely other important aspects to consider. Pool technology is constantly advancing and it’s very probable that newer materials are available to extend the life of your pool and perhaps even increase safety for you and your loved ones or guests.

Is your pool beginning to show signs it’s past it’s prime? Cracks or peeling plaster, hollow spots, and de-lamination of the plaster from the pool shell are unsightly signs of damage that signify it’s time to update. Other types of obvious damage may include leaks, stains or discolored areas, which could be present on your pool walls, floor, or even tile. Some cracks can even be an indicator that there is structural damage that needs to be addressed to avoid safety hazards.

Many older pools were made with copper or cast iron pool lines that can decay over time and will then require complete replacement. Loose coping (stones that separate the deck from the pool’s edge), or coping that is missing grout, can no longer work well to prevent slipping and falling into the pool. Poorly maintained pH level can cause your pool interior to begin to feel rough, and you might benefit from a resurfacing.

Aged pool equipment is another consideration when you’re debating whether to renovate. New equipment likely means better energy efficiency, and that returns a savings over time that helps to offset the cost of the upgrades. An energy efficient pump alone could use 30% to 45% less energy than a standard pump.

Lastly, a renovation could simply be a great opportunity to add some options you’ve been dreaming of – such as a diving board, water feature, pool lighting, etc.

Whether you’re ready to dive into a renovation or just testing the waters, call Blue Water Pool Supplies and Services today, and let us help you truly make your pool area a space that is just perfect for you.