The “Off Season” Is A Great Time To Purchase A Pool

The “Off Season” Is A Great Time To Purchase A Pool

Date: December 2, 2017 By: Darren Tags: / /

If you’ve been considering the addition of a pool to your property, the off-season is a great time to make it happen! A new pool will provide endless hours of enjoyment to meet almost anyone’s needs – fun for the family and friends, relaxation and relief from the hot summer sun, and even healthy exercise – and it will raise the value of your home as well.

At this point you’ve probably done some research (or at least some daydreaming) about what type or size of pool you’d like to have, and you’ve hopefully got an idea of the responsibilities involved and the time commitment and costs of maintaining your pool. Maybe you’ve talked to neighbors or friends and family, or browsed the web for what the process of constructing a pool involves, and you’re ready to take the dive. What makes the fall or winter season the right time to commit?

Here are a few great reasons why the off-season is the best time to get started.

Lower Costs

  • Typically, most people choose to begin construction of a new pool in the spring and summer. Because of this higher demand, prices at this time are also typically higher. In order to keep business flowing, many builders will offer discounts during the fall and winter seasons. A reasonable potential¬† 5% or 10% discount is a huge savings.
  • Materials for the job are likely able to be obtained cheaper prior to the start of the busy season, and that savings could transfer to you.
  • Additionally, you may find incentives such as pool decking, lighting, cleaners or other equipment at a substantially reduced price. Shopping around for the best deal could bring some surprising results!

Easier To Schedule Construction

  • With less demand, your pool contractor’s calendar is less crowded. Provided you live in an area where the ground is not frozen, construction may be able to start much sooner than during the busy months.
  • Even if you live where the ground can not be dug into at this time, planning the project with your builder now could put you ahead of the schedule at the start of spring.
  • The builder is likely able to devote more attention to your project, and you can take more time looking at and discussing pool designs, equipment, and landscaping options.

More Time To Enjoy The Result

  • By being ahead of the rush, you’ll be swimming in your new pool sooner – which means your first year will have more time for those backyard parties and barbecues!
  • Having construction finished earlier will allow more time for landscaping. With cooler spring temperatures the process will be more enjoyable as well.
  • Knowing that when the temperatures start to rise, your pool will be a welcome place to beat the heat will offer a happy anticipation for summer.

If you’re ready to invest in a new pool, don’t put off starting any longer – some savvy shopping around now could save you hassle, time, and money. You’ll be enjoying your new pool in no time!