Should You Call Experts For Your Pool Maintenance?

Should You Call Experts For Your Pool Maintenance?

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Whenever summer comes knocking, pool owners are forced to think of the right time to open their pools for the hot season.

The thoughts that run through their heads range from poolside parties, weekends lounging by the water, lap swimming workout, and just soaking up in the sun.

Most times, the issue of pool maintenance only drops by as an afterthought. It is thoroughly neglected until the walls begin turning green as a result of slime. Sometimes, the filter can get clogged with nothing but leaves.

Nevertheless, we have got you covered at Bluewater pools. We can take the stress off your hands and give your pool the cleaning it deserves. However, we can help you with some good maintenance routine.

If you are a newbie in the pool business or you have owned one for a long time now, it is ideal to have ideas on how to keep the pool clean. And, the best way to do this is to make sure you have all the bases well covered with tricks and tips.

Easy Ways To Maintain Your Pool

Some of the best ways to maintain your pool include:

  • Shocking the pool

This has nothing to do with electrocution or planning a surprise for your pool. We mean, raising the chlorine level for just a short while to kill off the bacteria. This should be done a minimum of twice in a season.

Or, you can do this when you notice the water is murky like after a pool party. Note that you will need to do it the right way to avoid in or over chlorinating. Also, doing it right will prevent damage to not just yourself, but to your filter and pool liner.

Furthermore, if your pool has been neglected for some time, you can always call on Bluewater pools to turn it all around for the summer. To carry out shock on your own, you will need to make use of concentrated chlorine

This can be done by mixing it in a bucket of warm water; it will be mixed well, so it dissolves evenly. You are to wear protective goggles and gloves while doing this. When you are done, gently pour it into the pool.

Like we always advise at blue water pools, shocking should be done at night. This is because it takes the sun roughly one ppm per hour to burn off the chlorine. This decreases the effectiveness and of course, a waste of money.

  • How about your brush and skimmer?

Similar to brushing your teeth every morning, you can skim the leaves as well as debris from the surface of the water with your net skimmer. With some extra cash, you can make use of the robotic pool vacuum cleaner.

It aids in keeping your pool floor and even the walls clean. Also, you can purchase pressure side cleaners as they offer automated cleaning for less money. No matter what, the basic equipment you should own is:

  1. Pool brush
  2. Manual pool vacuum, and;
  3. Net skimmer

The manual vacuum cleaner is advisable because the automated cleaners will not catch every single thing or even reach the surfaces and corners.

Furthermore, brushing the walls and pool stairs should be done weekly. This is so that it dislodges the algae and debris that the automatic cleaned missed.

  • Pumps and filters

On a general note, your pump should be up and running every day of summer so that you can get the ideal filtration result. Nonetheless, the budget and equipment of everyone cannot sustain such.

However, you can run the pump for a minimum of eight hours daily. You know how your 9-5 job runs, right? Think of the pool pump that way. With such a constant circulation, it aids in keeping the water healthy and clean.

What They Never Tell You About Pools

While everyone gets busy with buying pumps, net skimmers, and the like, we tend to forget about tennis balls.

Imagine the suntan oil, conditioner, natural skin oil, and even sunscreen that washes off as we swim. Do you know what they do? Well, they leave greasy sheen beg, and this builds up all around the waterline.

Yes! They can clog your filters. However, this is why you need tennis balls. Their natural fibers can absorb all the oil. Meanwhile, as you spend time thinking all about pool water, you can forget about the deck around the pool.

Have it in mind that neglecting to clean the deck will leave dirt, algae spores, and even bacteria in the pool. This is why we advise that you sweep the leaves and debris weekly.

To resolve this, you can scrub once a month with those brushes with long handles or a pressure washer along with detergent.

Another important thing we miss out on sometimes is the fact that your normal clothes must be kept away from the pool. At all times, only the proper swimsuits must be worn.

This is crucial because your normal clothes carry chemicals, fibers, and every other contaminant straight into the water. Also, the pool chemicals can cause damages to your clothes too.

Now you know you have no choice but to keep these clothes out of the way. Your swimsuits must be washed with your bare hands and with mild detergents.

When To Call In The Experts

The ideal time to call in experts like our company is usually when you have cracks or leaks that you cannot fix. We are always ready to take a look.

Note that you should never wait for so long before you call, as the problem can easily get out of hand. No one wants to spend tons of cash for something that was meant to be avoidable.

Also, you can always call on us to check out your pool once a year. This is just to ensure that everything is working right.

Bluewater pools will always remain at your service.

To Wrap It Up

With two full-time repair technicians and roughly four cleaning technicians, we are more than capable of accommodating all the cleaning and repair demands that call for our attention. Place your pool in our hands.