How to clear cloudy pool water…

How to clear cloudy pool water…

Date: April 27, 2020 By: blogger7

Have you noticed your swimming pool is looking a little murky? It is a common problem that every pool owner will have come across at some point. Although it might seem like a serious problem, it can be a quick fix – but it is important that you understand what is causing the problem.

There are typically four main reasons which cause cloudy water:
1) Poor water chemistry
2) Chlorine problems
3) Poor water circulation
4) Weather conditions

In the majority of cases, your cloudy water will be caused by a chemical imbalance so the first thing to do is to test the water. The results of this will let you be able to add the required chemicals to correctly balance your water and leave it crystal clear.

If your pool is showing a difference between the Total Available Chlorine and the Free Available Chlorine, then treat the water with a non-chlorine shock. This will help to break up the contaminants that are preventing the chlorine from doing the job it is intended to. On the other hand, if your pool is showing low chlorine, then you will need to shock it with chlorine in order to correctly sanitize the water and remove the contaminants causing the cloudiness.

If your pool is correctly balanced and there are no chlorine issues, then it might be an issue with your pool circulation or filtration. Try cleaning your pump and also check the pressure on your filter – if it is higher than normal then you might need to clean that or even replace it.

Cloudy water can be a potential health hazard, so if you notice that your pool is not as clean and clear as it once was don’t hand around and fix it, today!